Spa Country Explorer Trail Maps

Daylesford and Hepburn trail maps

Welcome to our trail maps of the Wombat Forest great outdoors adjacent to Daylesford, Hepburn, Glenlyon. Read on about our very special Adventurer trail maps.  Get them  at the Daylesford Visitor Info Centre.

Or check out our free larger scale Daylesford and Hepburn trail maps. These include connections between the two villages. GetMORE INFO. You can download these pdfs or if you are already in Daylesford, see if the Visitor Info Centre has some printed.  

Our Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail maps are different

You haven’t seen the likes of these Wombat Forest trail maps. Each covers an area of 45+ sq.kms. Wombat Station map alone contains 380 kms of forest tracks and roads. Enough for a seasons’ worth of long weekends.

We designed these maps expressly for bush walkers, mountain bike riders and trail runners. Right down to the map paper that shrugs off wet, sweat and tears.

You could explore because every public road, vehicle track and walking or mountain bike trail is shown. Or just follow the suggested routes. Elevation is depicted so you can be sure in advance that ups and downs don’t get you down.

Spa Country Explorer locations map
Spa Country Explorer trail map locations

These Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail maps don’t look like your average map. Firstly,the colours and symbols are carefully chosen for legibility. Secondly, your sweat and the weather’s wet won’t affect the map because they are printed on Pretex®. Pretex is water resistant, durable and eminently foldable. Plus in keeping with the maps’ environment, Pretex pulp content is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Purchase these maps at the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre, 98 Vincent St, Daylesford tel 5321-6123. Just 2 doors south (towards Ballan) of the Post Office and upper roundabout. GetMORE INFO